• Assuming that you arrive by train (YOKOSUKA linie) at ZUSHI station. Arriving by Keihin Kyuko Line at Zushi-Hayama station also works, but I am not sure about the bus stop number there. I think, it is the second from the front.
  • There is a bus terminal to the right of the direction the train has been moving into.
  • Take ANY bus leaving from stop No. 2.
  • After about 10 minutes (ca. 6-7 stops) the bus stops approx. 200 m in front of a short tunnel (there is only one Tunnel in Hayama; the slightly longer tunnel after the second bus stop – that is still Zushi).
  • That bus stop is called “Kazahayabashi”. Get off at this stop.
  • Immediately in front of the tunnel there is a traffic light.
  • Turn right at this corner and follow the street (slightly downhill) for about 4-500 m.
  • You will reach a little bridge called “Kame-ido Bashi” across a small river called Morito river.
  • Immediately in front of this river, on the right side you will see my (green) sign.
  • (In front of my clinic on the right side of the road they have built several white houses.)
  • The walk from the bus stop should not take much longer than ca. 5 minutes.
  • There is ONE parking space right in front of my clinic. 
  • Across the street in front of my clinic there is a supermarket called ” Motomachi Union”. If lost, ask where to find “Union” = everybody in Hayama knows that store.
  • My clinic is in front of the exit from the parking lot of the supermarket. Not to be missed.
  • In case MY parking space is occupied, you can park in the parking lot of the supermarket – which will, unfortunately, be charged when leaving the lot.

I need to edit the two figures below. There have been some local changes.

Here are two screen captures I took from an online map and marked the location of my clinic. The first a sort of zoom-in map, the other an area map.

Here is a link to a Japanese local map.