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Here I have uploaded a number of files interested people may download. In the hope, I am not violating any copyright claims. If such conflicts occur, I will immediately take down the file/s in questions.

Acupuncture Journal article

A little article about me in an acupuncture journal. The article is in Japanese.

Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer – newspaper article

A newspaper article – this too is in Japanese – about complementary therapies for cancer.

tags: Complementary,alternative,therapies,cancer,NCI,newspaper,癌,代替医学,記事


Now, this is my “biography” – THIS one is in Japanese. I wrote this to satisfy requests by my patients.

There is also a GERMAN version, but I did not translate this into English yet.


もし読んで参考になったと感じましたら、「シェアヴぇアー」のような感覚で気持ち程度の「寄付」(200‐300円程度)を頂けたら嬉しい。今風の Paypal 経由で頂けるなら簡単でしょう。アカウントは です。


The Quality Control Crisis in China and Our Profession

An Open Letter from Ted Kaptchuk
tags: Quality,Crisis,control,manufactured, China,serious,health,threats

TCM Conference in Rothenburg

This is a report (in Japanese) about me observing at the TCM Conference about 10 years ago.

見学について (医道の日本誌)

An article (in Japanese) I wrote for a Japanese acupuncture journal about foreigners wishing to observe/shadow in Japanese clinics.



The Body in Japanese Culture

A philosophical discussion of body concepts in Japanese culture. Very enlightening.
tags: philosophical,discussion,body,concepts,Japanese,culture,English,article


An article I wrote (in Japanese) about some strange attitudes you man come across in Japanese culture.

この文章は “Posts” にもありますが、ここに取りあえず昔書いたワードの文章を載せます。


A short article about me (in Japanese) about me. About 15 years back. That article brought a tidal wave of new patients. Unfortunately a tidal wave is mostly a 1-shot deal.



A 2-page article featuring my little clinic in a Japanese magazine. Again only Japanese.

それを見て手紙を出した所で取材に来てくれた。scan した雑誌2ページ分をここに写真としてはります。上手く行けばその2ページ分を zip file として ”Download” の所にものせるつもりです。

Acupuncture – The Easy Way or the Hard Way

This is a little booklet describing in English some of MY PERSONAL views regarding acupuncture and why I think, the Japanese style of the treatment modality is better suited for most people on this planet than the Chinese style.

もし読んで参考になったと感じましたら、「シェアヴぇアー」のような感覚で気持ち程度の「寄付」(200‐300円程度)を頂けたら嬉しい。今風の Paypal 経由で頂けるなら簡単でしょう。アカウントは です。

IF(!) you think AFTER reading the booklet, it has been interesting, I would be grateful, if you might consider a minor “share-ware type” donation of let’s say 2-3 USD. My PayPal account seems to be suitable for this type of acitivity:

Sonderling in Ost und West

This is the German version, more a rewriting of the original Japanese, of my “biography”. Some people actually found it interesting.
Die “deutsche Version” ist weniger eine Übersetzung, sondern eher eine Neuschrift meiner Lebensgeschichte, deren Original ich wie oben beschrieben ursprünglich auf Japanisch geschrieben habe. Manche der Leser haben mir tatsächlich gesagt, dies sei interessant.

もし読んで参考になったと感じましたら、「シェアヴぇアー」のような感覚で気持ち程度の「寄付」(200‐300円程度)を頂けたら嬉しい。今風の Paypal 経由で頂けるなら簡単でしょう。アカウントは です。

Ich wäre sehr dankbar, wenn Sie sich eventuell NACH der Lektüre – falls Sie diese anregend fanden – für eine kleine Spende im Stil der “Share-Ware” von 2-3 Euro entschließen könnten. Mein PayPal Konto ist:


A little piece of classical Japanese literature (in Japanese).

鴨 長明(かも の ちょうめい、かも の ながあきら)は、平安時代末期から鎌倉時代前期にかけての日本の歌人・随筆家。
800年程まえに幾つかの自然災害日本を襲い、その経験に基づいて「生活概念」を変えた鴨 長明と彼が綴られた災害時の富裕層の振る舞いは大変興味深い話です。

Why the future doesn’t need us

This is an article about 21 years old, that is/was copyrighted, but the pages it was listed on do not seem to exist any more.
I believe, this article contains some very important concepts worth of showing, so I take the liberty of pasting the article I downloaded 20 years ago here in the hope, I am not breaking any copyright laws. If it turns out, this is actually the case, I will delete the file immediately.

In the last 20 years significant progress has been made in the fields mentioned here. A number of the things imagined at the time of the articles writing have become reality by now. Maybe this could provide a little food for thought.
This is also an htm file.

September 11 2001: Exploratory and Contextual Analyses

Following the terror attack in New York in 2001 a renowned mathematician and expert in statistics did an analysis of the data from NOT INTERCONNECTED sensors distributed worldwide and noticed a pattern of synchronization that should THEORETICALLY be NOT there. I am not an academics and definitely not an expert in statistics, so I am not really able to understand all the mathematical details of the analysis. However, there seems to be something going on, that might point at the existence of the vital energy “qi” so often mentioned in relation to oriental medicine. Scientists love to deny the existence of this … whatever it is.
Now, here they have some data, gathered by separate machines without opinion (or the possibility of a “placebo effect”) that might provide some material for second thought.
This is an htm file.
tags: 2001, analysis, attack, mathematical, oriental medicine, qi, Scientists, statistics, synchronization, terrist, worldwide


The summary (in Japanese) of a presentation I gave during a little conference about the possible use of acupuncture and moxibution for the treatment of cancer.


Postoperative Schmerzbehandlung mit Akupunktur

A German article published in a German journal dedicated to acupuncture for physicians.

Über einen Zeitraum von fast drei Jahren während ich in einem großen, allgemeinen Krankenhaus in Tokio gearbeitet habe, habe ich ‘systematisch’ versucht, die Wirkung von Akupunktur auf postoperative Schmerzbehandlung zu untersuchen. Die Studie umfasste etwa 100 Patienten, die im wesentlichen in Operationen im Bauch- und Brustbereich unterteilt waren.
Die Wirkungen waren besser bei Operationen im Bauchbereich, aber ich Grund anzunehmen, dass hier die Operationstechnik einen Einfluss ausgeübt hat.
Als ich dies gemacht habe – vor etwas über 30 Jahren – waren solche Bemühungen noch ungewöhnlich.


Krebsbehandlung mit Akupunktur

Another German article published in a German journal dedicated to acupuncture for physicians.

Über einen Zeitraum von zweieinhalb Jahren während meiner Arbeit in einem großen, allgemeinen Krankenhaus in Tokio habe ich mich persönlich besonders für Krebspatienten interessiert und mich aktiv darum bemüht, diese behandeln zu dürfen.
Auch wenn eine Akupunkturbehandlung keine Heilung von Krebs verspricht (meistens), hat eine solche dennoch Berechtigung bei der Behandlung der verschiedensten Symptome, einschließlich Nebenwirkungen der verschiedenen Therapieformen. Auch in dieser Studie wurden etwa 100 Patienten behandelt.
Als ich dies gemacht habe – vor etwas über 30 Jahren – war dies noch eine Art “Pionierarbeit”. Ähnliche Veröffentlichungen gab es praktisch nicht.



This is the Japanese (original) version about the use of acupuncture for the treatment of cancer patients cited above.




癌治療 - 鍼灸師の観点から

Again a little article by me (in Japanese) about my personal views pertaining to acupuncture and cancer treatment.

30年前に玉川病院で勉強させていただいた時個人的に癌と言う病気に興味を持っていた。そのため積極的玉川病院にあった「東洋医学額研究所」の設立/責任者であった代田文彦先生、場合によって他の先生にも、何かの癌に患っている入院患者を見させてくださいとお願いした。結果的役3年の間に - 治療した感も、観察のみの患者も - 凡そ100人ほど診たものを文章に纏めた。この文章は医道の日本誌に発表された。(ドイツ語に書き直し、ドイツの専門雑誌に出版されたものもここでダウンロードできる)


座談会 - 日本の鍼灸業界に感じること

The record (old!, in Japanese) of a round table discussion with two other people about the situation of FOREIGN acupuncturist practicing in Japan.

開業の翌年 (1996) に医道の日本社から座談会に招かれた。外国人として中国人の女性、イギリス人と私及び医道の日本社の座長でお話した記録。


The Philosophy and Practice of Japanese Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Japan
A doctoral thesis about the characteristics of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment in Japan

by Benjan Christopher Chant

Benjamin was one of those foreign students who came to Japan to observed Japanese practitioners in their clinics.
At that time he was still studying in Australia and about to write a doctoral thesis on the characteristics of Japanese acupuncture. And I was his “sponsor” – officially signed a paper declaring me responsible for his conduct and study in Japan. At the end of his “thesis” (= quite a magnificent 450-page work!) it says, anybody having complaints about the study should contact me. I really hope, that never happens.
Admittedly, I have not read it all yet, but I can assure you, the work gives you plenty of invaluable information and insights pertaining to acupuncture in Japan.


Simple brochure

This is a simple brochure about Thomas’ Acupuncture Clinic featuring a short self-introduction, outline of my treatment principles, phone number mail address and a little map. Feel free to print this “brochure” at home and use it as you see fit.



TV program

A 1-hour TV program featuring me, but only very little about acupuncture. It can be downloaded from my Google drive. It consists of six different files.

以前何回かテレビに出た短いビデオもあります。「ダウンロード」する値はしないでしょうが、ここで見るようにします(出来れば)。また、上記の動画は全部私の Google Drive – Public folder にもアップロードしました。ここに掲載されている Windows file 以外に元々貰った Quicktime Movie files もあります。

1) My first appearance on TV. 初めてテレビに出演しました。大分前です。ファイル名:TBS-highX.mp4
2) The celebration of my 10th anniversary on TV. 開業10周年祝いにJCOMの番組に出演です。家族や患者も多少出ます。ファイル名:JCOM-highX.mp4
3) I made a very short appearance on an NHK TV program. NHKの全国番組に少々顔をだしました。ファイル名:NHK-highX.mp4 /
4) A short film made by university students. 大学生は大学内の映像コンクールのために作ったもの。銀賞を貰ったそうです。ファイル名:Kurzfilm.wmv