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A frequently asked question:
Can I learn about acupuncture in Japan?

The answers I would be able to provide is, however, not very encouraging. Intellectually Japan still seems to be stuck in the “period of national seclusion”. That means, while China offers programs, classes, places in hospitals etc. where foreigners may have the chance to either observe or actively learn about Chinese acupuncture, Japan does not have any classes, school, hospitals etc. that provide anything remotely systematic for any possible candidate, who shows an interest in acupuncture in Japan. Private acupuncturists too, seem to be (very) reluctant to give foreigners the opportunity to observe their treatment for a variety of reasons. These include the fear, that they will not be able to communicate with the foreigners, the assumption that they don’t have anything to “show”, the argument that patients would be very uncomfortable when being watched by a foreigner (in Japan officially still called “alien”), or the possibility that the observers might start something that either “imitates” (without authorization) or even surpasses the skills of the practitioner being observed. Since these practitioners spent most likely a few decades to develop those skill, I think it is highly unlikely, that anybody can imitate them just by having a quick look.
So, at the moment the best thing I can do, is privately ask people who might be willing to allow people watch their treatments (and I have already been told, that I “should not care for those (troublesome) foreigners, because it will be detrimental to my personal reputation”).
But, based on my personal experiences, I would like to help any foreigner trying to learn things here as best as I can. Although I cannot promise anything, do not hesitate to ask me.

Currently, I am looking for (English speaking) practitioners willing to cooperate to help teach foreigners …

Kanagawa-Ken, Miura-Gun
Hayama-Machi, Horiuchi 815
Tel: +81 – 46-876-3077




1)    TBS, first “appearnace on TV”, several years old.

2)    JCOM, local TV, celebrating 10th anniversary of my clinic

3)    NHK, national TV, introducing the prefecture Kanagawa 

4)    short film that received the second prize in contest about Germans in Japan