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Me practicing Japanese archery in “my” garden – shortly after arriving in Japan

On the “reference” page of my old website I do have a number of articles that I would like to share here too. However, moving those articles to the “Posts” page of this site seems to be more appropriate than listing them here.

Therefore I will only create a list of the titles and their (to be filled in later) links to the posts page.

Acupuncture Translation / etc.
WelcomeInformation – Japan
SARS and MoxibustionTranslator as “bookfinder
“Natural” and wildlife protectionCommon places are NOT common!
Low back pain, 1 point adviceClient Obligation
“Hara” – the power sourceForeign studies in Japan – my personal opinion
RelaxationMy way to Japan – my life story
PiercingWith all due deference, but …
Acupuncture efficacy, “true” or “authentic” acupuncture
“The Quality Control Crisis in China and Our Profession”
Complementary and alternative therapies for cancer – newspaper article
… more to come …

A few links to other sites for more/other information: