Moxibustion “class”

Moxibustion class

A good treatment is simply good  - Acupuncture and moxibustion

With a tradition in Japan of more than 1,300 years (as opposed to the 150 years of western medicine) this treatment modality is supposed to be well refined craft that does not need any noisy advertising. This treatment modality includes – as the name at least in Japanese and Chinese suggests – the use of “moxa” for moxibustion (treatment). Although often dismissed as a folk remedy, I am convinced it is a very good treatment form. It offers you the chance for a broad spectrum of self-care while at the same time being most likely the cheapest treatment form available in advanced countries.

Unfortunately these folk medicines tend to be gradually replaces by the glitter and glamour of fancy high-tech stuff.

I believe that sharing and teaching to anyone willing to know this technique is part of the mission of acupuncturists.

3灸の日(my Japanese “catch term” reads “sankyu no hi” – which could be rendered in English like the “thank you day”

(it also means the third Sunday in a month)

Moxibustion “classes”:

Until now there have been only 2-3 people who were interested. So, now this “service” rendered in my clinic is subject to prior appointment. However, the technique, adopted for laymen, can be taught during a treatment too.

I have always been offering to teach anyone interested the (simplified) technique and applications. Learning this form of traditional self-care is in my opinion really worthwhile.

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